The API built for runners

Improve your runners' experience by computing key metrics from their runs and personalize their journey.

The metrics

MAS/vVO2max estimation

MAS is a key metric for user experience personalization

Performance prediction

Start your race at the perfect pace

Training paces distribution

Understand your training DNA and fix imbalances

Optimal recovery time

To prevent injuries and maximize progress

Most impressive segment

Find and share the most impressive segments

And many others...

We still have many ideas to explore...

Our Product

Use R42 running API

  • Integrate smoothly our analysis to your App

  • Solution backed by science and coaches

  • Work with a skilled and flexible team

The team

Clément Piat

Data science Research Engineer & Former full stack developer in Palo Alto


Rémi Cougnaud

Double degree in Computer Science and Business & Marathon runner


Nicolas Gabrion

AI Engineer, Tech Lover & Former CTO's right arm in San Francisco